All About Purple Martins - Choosing a Purple Martin Bird House

  Purple Martin History
As far back as the story of man in America is known - either in legend or recorded history - the Purple Martin has been a friend of man. The Indians lured it to their villages with hollow gourds hung near their tepees for nesting cavities. More recent settlers have used crude wooden houses and gourds to induce martins to nest near their homes.
Wooden houses were too heavy to work with. The rotting wood harbored deadly parasites and looked unattractive. These dilapidated houses became a favorite nesting site for the starling, considered to be a nuisance and pest.

Choosing a Purple Martin Bird House  The Values Of A Martin House.
Martins have solved pest and insect problems in a variety of locations - patios, swimming areas, resorts, parks, businesses, farms, orchards, outdoor movie theaters, lawns, and gardens... virtually any outdoor gathering place.
Rid Your Property of Pesky Insects. Martins live entirely on flying insects. A large, healthy flock of martins may consume thousands of irritating mosquitoes, flies and other insects from your yard each day.

Baby Purple Martins Purple Martins  People And Martins.
Martins Love People! Martins prefer to live near locations where there is human activity. They love to watch people as much as we love to watch them. Martins Have Personality Each martin has its own individual traits. Within days, you will be assigning names and enjoying their individual antics and aerial performances. Martins are clean and considerate. They are either perched on their own house, or flying about catching insects.

Flying Purple Martns  Martins Are Beautiful in Flight.
Living entirely on flying insects, purple martins are skillful and graceful flyers. Their aerial acrobatics will delight and entertain your family and friends for hours.

Songbirds  America's Favorite Songbird
Their cheerful singing will bring a smile to your face everyday. Martin enthusiasts especially enjoy the chatter and chuckles that can only be heard when listening to martins. The purple martin truly is America's Favorite Songbird!
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