Purple Martin Birdhouses

  Why You Need A Martin House.
Martins show a strong preference for metal houses. Purple martins are very selective when it comes to choosing a home. They prefer to nest in a cool, clean metal house. The best way to attract martins is to erect "America's Finest" martin house, Mr. Birdhouse. Pesticides and insecticides have caused drastic reductions in songbird populations. Only you can help by providing a safe, dry home for your martin friends. a Mr. Birdhouse increases survival rates and produces healthier young martins. Understanding their needs and caring for their existence has brought many birds back to once depleted areas. Do what you can to provide a comfortable low maintenance home for America's Favorite Songbird.
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  When Do The Martins Arrive?
Please see map The Purple Martin's annual spring arrival in the United States takes place during that period which extends from late January through April. The male birds arrive first. Within this period, the arrival date for any one locality can be quite regular, so that a given observer may find that it does not vary more than an interval of two to four weeks. It is surprising how punctual our little friend can be!

  Proper Size Encourages The Lead Scout.
Martins live in colonies. Each colony has a lead scout. Scouts travel ahead to seek out possible nesting spots. Don't let this scout pass you by. Make sure you have enough room for his family. Many times martins pass by a house too small for the colony. Mr. Birdhouse owners avoid this. Two or more martin houses will produce better results. Martins are very sociable and adore company!

  Where's The Best Place To Put A Martin House?
The bird houses should be placed in a fairly open area, away from other tall objects from which predatory animals like cats and squirrels might jump, and affording ample room for light around the roof of the house. If your bird house is placed near a pond, lake or stream, you will enjoy the added attraction of seeing the martins swoop down to drink on the wing.
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  Dry Nests Are Healty Nests.
A wet nest means dead birds. Dampness encourages deadly disease and parasites. Mr. Birdhouse is a dry, raintight house. Survival rates of young martins raised in a Mr. Birdhouse will far surpass other house designs. Millions of young martins are lost each year to disease and parasites. This is largely due to rain-soaked nests. The Mr. Birdhouse design is rainproof.


  Is Ventilation Necessary?
Proper ventilation is a must! Young birds will die of excessive heat. Every Mr. Birdhouse has a light colored roof to reflect the sun's heat. Several large air vents allow adequate ventilation.
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